Energy Medicine: Testimonies


Jason V.

  • The first time I booked a session with D'Oyen Fraser, I was recieving chiropractic care for a 30 year old back injury. The initial X rays taken by my chiropractor showed multiple issues, including a George's line that was significantly off in my spine. D'Oyen spent a lot of time woring on my spine during the session and it felt significantly better by the end of the session. Two weeks later, I had X rays taken at my chiropractor's office and they showed that my George's line was completely restored! I was told that it can take more than a year to restore a George's line that was in the shape mine was in and I had only been receiving chiropractic care for 6 months at the time! I can't recommend D'Oyen highly enough to anyone who is looking to work with a highly skilled and talented energy healer as my results speak for themselves! 


Laura D.

  • I wanted to wait a few days to make sure I was just not imagining it... but I really feel better. The issue we worked on doesnt hurt any more... but more than that... my mental attitude has changed. I am happy. I am going through a very tough time right now as tou know, but instead of shutting down and going into a depression... I was really at peace with the changes I am going through. Your gift is nothing short of miraculous. I have had other healers who said they were doing something... but this was the first time i could "feel" something happening. Truly a remarkable experience, thank you so much for your time and efforts. I cant wait for our next appointment.


Elisa C.

  •  Amazing, thank yo,u, memories over 50 years that were locked became available, relived and enjoyed. I had a chance to thank so many of those who have walked with me since birth, a tear or two rolled down as memories were so vivid. Blessings. 


Nallely C.

  • Thank you so  much for the session D'oyen. By the morning i felt a remarkable change on the topic worked on and quite a lighter body. Looking forward for the next session.


Alexsandra R.

  • So grateful for my session, thank you! D'oyen is a real gift to this world! Authentic, knowledgeable, a true expert in his discipline -super recommended! Gift yourself or someone you love a session- you and everyone around you will only benefit.


Jacob A.

  • An amazing experience <333 Absolutely loved it. I got the energetic analysis for 222$ and it was worth it. I could feel the effects afterwards and my girlfriend told me she could feel a change in me.Some time has passed since the session and I can say that it helped me get a better grip on some things and emotions. I can only recommend D'Oyen <333


Amber E. 

  • I have sought multiple energy healers over the years and this one is by far the most effective. I decided to get the ascension package to take full advantage of the all fringe services that are offered. The positive effects have been long-lasting, as it has been 3 months since the last session. Money well spent for my health and healing. I highly recommend!

Ashley A. 

  • Greatly improved digestion, kidney filtration, detoxification and health problems associated with late stage, chronic Lyme disease. Significant improvement in mood and mental clarity. Pain associated with chronic disease mostly non-existent. All this and many other health improvements and spiritual advancements not mentioned. 

Harold Hoenow 

  • I have personally felt the work of D'Oyen in an in-person session, and my eczema has literally disappeared since our session.


  • Thank you again for the session lastnight. I have felt much less emotionally and mentally scattered since and lighter in general. Im also able to focus more and look forward tot he next time.


  • After my session I have experienced being able to have psychic visions. I was able to confirm two times after our last session with two different people about what I saw being real. Things that had actually happened to them. My personal awakening is accelerating. Thank you so much for what you do. Cannt wait for our next session!

Cristina T.

  • Just wanted to say a few things! Before he worked on me I had been 77 ibs to 100 ibs for a very long time. Ulcers, bathroom issues, malnourished etc. Today I weigh 126! I still have a long road to go of healing, but he showed me it really is possible. So thankful!

Guided Meditation Testimonies



I've never actually done any of that before , so first my hands went very very warm then my upper thighs /legs, as my body got heavy it felt as I was sinking and My , gosh, well I'm not sure, my spirit?  Was getting very light ,transmuting from my feet to my sacral, I actually felt a heavy ting like thing, while my shoulder blades were twitching and my body getting heavier but almost lighter, I can't really explain . My hands and feet felt like 

invisible but the size of large sausages...that was amazing, crazy ,I couldn't move for like 5 Minutes after, when I could I felt like I just woke up from a good nap, my pineal gland was  throbbing but slowly stopped..



Raffi Delic Brother D'oyen I'm awestruck, simply blown away by this and the unmistakable effects I experienced.. That felt so personal! I cant believe a video went so deep in an at-once dramatic and subtle way, and so quickly, too...hmmm... - I've been wondering all day, why I was suddenly visiting this abyss of emotion earlier today prior to viewing this. I even shed a few tears here and there throughout the day for no apparent reason, which has rarely happened before. Now I see, it was in prelude to this healing transmission which I am so grateful you have shared with us. I experienced several tremendous releases including more than one cascade of tears, a wellspring revisited.... also I could easily feel, not sense, but feel tangible electric transmissions through the screen, coming mainly from your hands but also your and eyes and third eye and heart. It was really wild. Im so blown away that this healing is possible, all through a recorded video. So amazing. Thank you for your efforts cultivating and sharing your gifts with us!

Sean Harrington

 Super Radiant, Super Enjoyed ~Encouraging ENCOURAGING Encouragement~ Very Sane with regards to Self "You Have to Take you time" Super Benevolent Beginning 

you bring us into here, Super Thank YOUS~!!!! &&&& Great Art!