Energy Healing Program

Are you looking to do more intensive energy work?


The program consists of an in-depth evaluation of your energy system, as well as the energy dynamics of your environment (relationships, home, place of work, etc.). The process is designed to clean up your energy system from any distortions (entities, programs) and to bring balance and clarity to your being. It will allow you to start making better, healthier, choices to maintain your well-being on your own.

The length of the program depends on the complexity of your health issues and usually spans over 3- 4 months with weekly or bi-weekly 1-hour sessions. You must be committed to completing the process to ensure tangible healing results. Before the first 90 min session we can discuss your concerns and areas you'd like to address. After the first 90 min session, we will discuss my analysis of your energy system. The energy shifts will be intended to detoxify, recharge, reconnect & reactivate dormant energy pathways, DNA, psychic abilities, dissolve the energy blocks in the major organs and systems and restore the natural energy flow throughout your body.

Each session is unique, as every one of us is, and takes its unique course with everyone I work. Your experience will depend on your determination to be well again and willingness to take an honest look at your life and the choices you’ve made that have been holding you in destructive energetic patterns.

Most of my clients feel energy shifts as they occur even if they are thousands of miles away. As blocked energy comes to the surface (into awareness), you may experience an intense emotional release in the form of tears, anger, or sadness. It might be a feeling of incredible lightness and clarity. There are of course neurogenic tremors, twitch responses and other involuntary stimuli that accompanies the authentic release of dysfunctional energy and accelerated healing.

After the initial energy shift, you might experience unusual soreness in the body, intense emotions or even depression. Do not be alarmed; this is a sign that your system accepted the shift and adapted to a new, natural, pattern. We will address any of your experiences in the following healing sessions. Although some people can integrate the first energy shift within a few days, for many it is essential to maintain the new pattern of energy flow for some time with my help.

We will schedule follow-up healing sessions at the interval of your choice. During these sessions, I evaluate your energy system for any undesirable changes and adjust it accordingly. We will discuss any troubling issues you have and determine what necessary changes in your lifestyle should be made to keep you balanced and clear from ‘negative’ energetic interferences.

After our work together is complete, you will receive a written report that reflects our work together and your progress.

The fee is established during the Free Initial Consultation and depends on the complexity of your energy system issues. I do accept payments, and the fee has to be paid in before our scheduled appointment.

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