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Leptokinetic Healing®. For our first time patients I always recommend the Energetic Analysis. This way we can explore your energetic system and dormant channels. We can identify energetic blockages and miscommunication on a cellular level. The analysis allows us to formulate the direction of future procedures and where we wish to concentrate our focus. Sometimes that is the lower-self healing platform other times we work on the HigherSelf Integration ®process, or maybe even a bit of both. Makes you wonder, what is Reiki anymore, has it evolved?   

Energy Healing: FAQ


Q. What to expect?

  • A. Expect nothing. Just kidding, but no really do your best to have no expectations and be open to the process. The first 10 to 15 mins will be spent discussing the issues at hand. Then when we begin the procedure you will simply close your eyes, lay down, and relax. If youd like you can play music as well. When finished you will be gently notified and we will discuss what was found, preventative maintenance and plan out your future sessions.

During First session

  • We will be exploring dormant energetic pathways, identifying the core distortions being stored in the body and what techniques are most suitable for your archetype. This experience will be entirely unique to you based on your tension patterns,experiences in life and will be exactly what you need. Its important to note that what you need is not always what you want.

  • All sessions after the first energy healing session will be catered to your unique needs and will usually fall under primarily Lower self or Higher Self healing.


  • We measure changes that are made by how the body responds to each energy healing session. After sessions I will report back the different levels of what was observed. These signs of progress will be measured by:

  • Energetic Accretion: How much energy the body is able to actually  use and absorb. 
  • Primary areas of electromagnetic resistance
  • Core mental/emotional blockages
  • Where tension is being stored
  • Cell Resonance levels: The strength of involuntary stimuli
  • Bio-voltage 
  • Electro-chemical mis-communication.

We simply remind your body how to do whats its supposed to. Restoring it to its original divine blue print.

Q. Does everyone move when you work on them?

  •  A. No. I have plenty of cases where there is no movement. Just like most psychic abilities, a certain environment is necessary in order to evoke involuntary stimuli. An individuals electrical infrastructure needs to be activated in order to receive responses. Otherwise responses received are primarily un-observable. So, poor voltage equals poor stimuli.

Q. How does your practice differ from reiki?

  •  A. Well, to start off the leptokinetic healing practice utilizes a wide arrange of frequencies as opposed to just the 'universal life force.' In my practice we can transmit specific wave lengths like for example 432hz, or the frequency of gratitude, the nano meters of different colors and much more. The other way my practice differs from reiki is that we do not just work with the chakra systems. The Leptokinetic Healing platform takes a look at the body as a whole symphony, which is created by different instruments, in this cases, everything from your cells to your energy body. 

  • In other words we work with the electro-chemical signaling and focus more in the physical body than the energetic. This requires having an in-depth understanding of neurology, bio-chemistry, molecular biology, bio-electromagnetism and more. However, we still work with many different parts of the energetic anatomy that also make up this grand symphony. Lastly, the readings we receive do involve using our intuition. However, our focus is primarily rooted in physical involuntary responses. Furthermore, these involuntary responses validate the accelerated healing process, and show us where the areas of electromagnetic resistance are.

Q: What if I don't move during energy healing?

  • A. Its more so if there is no sensation experienced that one should be concerned with. it just shows simply put a strong disconnect from the 'force' or a lack of sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.
  • Just like people have different body types. We also have different energetic archetypes. Energetic archetypes are template like designs specializing in specific traits. Similar to how in a role playing game you have different characters ranging from a mage, sorcerer, a warrior or assassin. Some are more physical and others more mystical. However each have their own roles that come along with their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identifying your archetype plays a key role in discovering your purpose. Are you here to channel messages and relay them to others or heal with your hands. Are you here to fight on the front line or are you here to cultivate life and provide nourishment for the community? A society that lacks direction and purpose is bound to eventually fail. Discover your purpose and uncover your destiny so that you may assist with the planetary ascension process.

Q. Why does the body require a certain cell Capacitance for human activation to take place?

  • A. Well first, what is cell Capacitance? Cell Capacitance is how much voltage a given cell can store. We need voltage in the body to create synapses which is how information travels from point a to point b in the body. Without it the body simply cannot relay messages or function. We see in the Leptokinetic healing platform a certain threshold of voltage that is necessary to actually transmit information for the body to receive. Only when this threshold is met do we see involuntary stimuli occur. Validating that electrical information is being received by the human vessel. Quite literally transforming and reorganizing their neural pathways.

Q. Will I only need one session done?

  • A. Energy is constantly in motion, constantly transforming. This constant state of fluctuation means that we require routine maintenance. Just like an instrument becomes out of tune when simply from being used. The humans electromagnetic emission is no different. Every time there is a solar or astrological event, those waves end up being absorbed by this planet and its inhabitants. Not to mention our daily interaction with disruptive human beings as well as the technological pollution that effects everyday. Which is why we always suggest receiving routine energetic maintenance.