If you like Reiki energy healing, you'll love Leptokinetic Healing®

Energy Healing: Leptokinetic Healing®

Welcome to Activate Your Energy. If you like Reiki energy healing, you will love Leptokinetic Healing® .

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Sick, want to get better? Healthy, want to stay that way? Spiritual awakening, want to go deeper? Let's connect. 



Microgrid Activation provides an energy healing service in the form of bio-electromagnetic stimulation therapy offered to you, from the comfort of home. We restore the restricted energy channels of the energy body to their free flowing state.  

Leptokinetic Healing® is unique in its approach to energy healing.  Focusing on creating a higher level of organization, on a molecular and cellular level. This organization promotes the natural accelerated healing process, and aids in resolving most symptoms. 

We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I have documented 100s of procedures and the effects my energy healing practice has on our clients.  Hello and Welcome!

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Lower-Self Healing: Leptokinetic Healing™

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Leptokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate matter on the cellular and molecular level. Recrystallizing the very nature of biological form . Sometimes, this recrystallization manifests as involuntary physiological responses.

Higher Self Healing: HigherSelf Integration™


Higherself Integration™ is the process of re-connecting clients to their divine totality and universal blueprint. In other words, assisting an individual, helping them gain access to their inner guidance system. 

The Experience: Spirituality Meets Tangibility


The end goal of my work is an experience with tangible physical sensations, developing a higher level of organization on a molecular/cellular level, and developing a relationship with your electromagnetic body, inner guidance system & altered states of consciousness.  And be given the tools necessary so you can navigate a world rooted in volatility and EM pollution.

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