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Welcome to Microgrid Activation. If you like Reiki energy healing, you will love Leptokinetic Healing® .

Complimentary And Alternative Energy Medicine


Sick, want to get better? Healthy, want to stay that way? Spiritual awakening, want to go deeper? Awakened, and need help grounding? Let's connect. 


Medical intuition and natural healing tools are used all throughout the world. They are used to identify and neutralize the underlying causes of any mental, emotional, physical or spiritual disorder. Energy medicine is complimentary to eastern and western medicines and works best in conjunction with one another.

Microgrid Activation provides an energy healing service in the form of remote electromagnetic stimulation therapy offered to you, from the comfort of home. When the energy system becomes blocked and stagnant in the body. Our cells, organs, and tissues are deprived from vital energy we need to maintain homeostasis. 

To regain and sustain our health we start by restoring the energy flow to its natural state. Usually, the body is only able to repair it self when the energy system is functioning properly.

Leptokinetic Healing® is unique in its approach to energy healing.  Focusing on creating a higher level of organization, on a molecular and cellular level. This organization promotes the natural accelerated healing process, and aids in resolving most symptoms. 

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My Energy Healing Modality

Physical & Emotional Healing Lower-Self Healing: Leptokinetic Healing™

Energy healing services for emotional healing and physical support

Detoxification|Trauma Healing|Shadow Self Integration|Electro-chemical Signaling Optimization|Cellular Healing

Energy Upgrades and Activations Higher Self Healing: HigherSelf Integration™

energy healing service dna activation

DNA Activation| Kundalini Activation|Light Code/ Light Language Activation|J-Seal Removal|Karma Clearing|ESP Optimization

The Experience: Spirituality Meets Tangibility


The end goal of my work is an experience with tangible physical sensations, developing a higher level of organization on a molecular/cellular level, and developing a relationship with your electromagnetic body, inner guidance system & altered states of consciousness.  And be given the tools necessary so you can navigate a world rooted in volatility and EM pollution.

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