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Leptokinetic Healing™ Course

Leptokinetic Healing Level 1

Hello and Welcome,

Greetings star family we are offering an in depth course on ascension mechanics, bio-feedback and re-connective healing. You will learn my processes of Leptokinetic Healing® and HigherSelf Integration®. This course goes beyond your standard Reiki classes.

What is Leptokinetic Healing?

Leptokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate matter on a cellular and molecular level. This ability similar to telekinesis manifests as the your clients involuntary movement. The practitioner directs their energy flow to recrystallize the physical & energetic body, which results in a higher level of organization. This organization promotes optimal electrochemical signaling which induces the natural healing process.

We've been refining what we do for the past few years. Now its all coming together and we are proud to help others, help others in their process of ascension mechanics and human activation. Enrollment is open and I teach group classes as well as private one on one lessons.

Please join me as I help activate humans across the globe. I believe we all have work to do here and this is my calling. Join me on the universal quest to awaken humanity and create a heaven on earth one soul at a time.

Is This Course For You?

Are you working to light up the energy grid? Are you awakening to this new world? Have you been doing your part? Are you part of the change? Are you psychic? Do you think or know you have gifts? Are you an empath? Do you work in an energy healing modality? If you answered yes to these questions, this course might be for you. <3

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn to read the bodies subtle responses during energy healing sessions.
  • I will teach you what works to peal back the energetic layers for a deeper healing session with my next level energy manipulation techniques that I call Leptokinetic Healing®.
  • -You will develop the tools needed to assist your clients in their ascension process of re-connection to higherSelf in a process I call HigherSelf Integration®.

What Does The Leptokinetic Course include?

My Leptokinetic Healing® Course includes classes, shamanic journeying and (gal)activations. My Leptokinetic Healing® Course also comes with meditations and video activations for your system, so that you are ready and primed to help others. This addition to the classes will help you cultivate your higher sensory perceptions and psychic abilities.  

In addition to the course, you will receive lifetime access to this information. We have created a go-to source for information on creating an electrically excitable environment within the energetic body.


Q: Will I get a certificate?
A: After course is finished, if you choose to be tested, you will receive a official certificate of completion in Leptokinetic Healing® and HigherSelf Integration® from Microgrid Activation. 

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Q: Do you accept payment plans?

A: Yes. Email for more info.

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