About Us



Offering remote bioelectromagnetic stimulation therapy to support people of all spiritual paths from the comfort of home.



We are the micro-grid. Have you ever wondered why so many spiritual people are spread throughout the planet? It’s because we are strategically distributed in key locations to assist heal the collective consciousness and activate the planets macro-grid. We strive to restore harmony on a micro level that ultimately will influence a much larger picture. 



 We come from a lineage of indigenous healers, rooted in the island traditions. Our values are, authenticity, discipline, compassion, understanding and transformation. It is said that the ancient civilization of Lemuria broke off into the Philippines and that Filipinos are direct descendants of the Lemurians. We believe this to be true.

Reiki Healer gone Leptokinetic

Meet D'Oyen

 D'Oyen Fraser is a bio electromagnetic stimulation therapist, leptokinetic healer, author, and was formally trained in medical reiki, recieving a 200 hour teacher training certification. 

A pioneer in the field of energy healing. He has developed two methodologies Leptokinetic healing and higherself integration. He also created a step by step process geared towards increasing the human voltage and activating the full potential of the cellular healing. 

D'Oyen's human activation process manifests differently than most, commonly manifesting in the form of involuntary stimuli. While there are many forms of human activation, the involuntary stimuli signify to him that the human activation process is taking place.

Our Goals

The world would be a better place if human beings knew their potential and understood the interconnectedness of all things. Through DNA activation and higherself integration via the leptokinetic healing model, we give people the tools they need to lead a higher spiritual quality of life. We are here to assist discover future visionaries. To lend aid that becomes empowerment and where victims become leaders. Develop a relationship with your inner guidance system and unlock to healing powers of your mind, body, and soul.

Our goal is to create sovereign free beings that develop a relationship with their own internal guidance system. We are also here to assist with the natural planetary ascension process, as consciousness continues to expand. we are met more and more with the need to develop a relationship with self.

We here at MICROGRID ACTIVATION specialize in creating an electrically excitable environment in the human body. This electrical excitability plays a key role in electrochemical communication. Electrochemical communication is the way the body gives our cells instructions, which of course is how we prevent dis-ease. 

When an electrically excitable environment is established. It usually manifests in twitching, muscle spasms and other internal sensations. Giving the patient a tangible experience, letting us know we are creating new harmonically tuned crystalline patterns, which promote organization on a molecular and cellular level..