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My Healing Modality

Lower-Self Healing: Leptokinetic Healing™

Leptokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate matter on the cellular and molecular level. Recrystallizing the very nature of biological form . Sometimes, this recrystallization manifests as involuntary physiological responses.

Higher Self Healing: HigherSelf Integration™

Higherself Integration™ is the process of re-connecting clients to their divine totality and universal blueprint. In other words, assisting an individual, helping them gain access to their inner guidance system. 

The Experience: Spirituality Meets Tangibility

The end goal of my work is an experience with tangible physical sensations, developing a higher level of organization on a molecular/cellular level, and developing a relationship with your electromagnetic body, inner guidance system & altered states of consciousness.  And be given the tools necessary so you can navigate a world rooted in volatility and EM pollution.


Jason V.

The first time I booked a session with D'Oyen Fraser, I was recieving chiropractic care for a 30 year old back injury. The initial X rays taken by my chiropractor showed multiple issues, including a George's line that was significantly off in my spine. D'Oyen spent a lot of time woring on my spine during the session and it felt significantly better by the end of the session. Two weeks later, I had X rays taken at my chiropractor's office and they showed that my George's line was completely restored! I was told that it can take more than a year to restore a George's line that was in the shape mine was in and I had only been receiving chiropractic care for 6 months at the time! I can't recommend D'Oyen highly enough to anyone who is looking to work with a highly skilled and talented energy healer as my results speak for themselves!

Elisa C.

Amazing, thank yo,u, memories over 50 years that were locked became available, relived and enjoyed. I had a chance to thank so many of those who have walked with me since birth, a tear or two rolled down as memories were so vivid. Blessings.

Nallely C.

Thank you so  much for the session D'oyen. By the morning i felt a remarkable change on the topic worked on and quite a lighter body. Looking forward for the next session.

Alexsandra R.

So grateful for my session, thank you!
D'oyen is a real gift to this world! Authentic, knowledgeable, a true expert in his discipline -super recommended! Gift yourself or someone you love a session- you and everyone around you will only benefit.

Jacob A.

An amazing experience <333 Absolutely loved it. I got the energetic analysis for 222$ and it was worth it. I could feel the effects afterwards and my girlfriend told me she could feel a change in me.Some time has passed since the session and I can say that it helped me get a better grip on some things and emotions. I can only recommend D'Oyen <333

Amber E.

I have sought multiple energy healers over the years and this one is by far the most effective. I decided to get the ascension package to take full advantage of the all fringe services that are offered. The positive effects have been long-lasting, as it has been 3 months since the last session. Money well spent for my health and healing. I highly recommend!


Leptokinetic Healing |HUMAN ACTIVATION | Advanced Energy Healing| Spring Course

 We are also now offering pre-recorded classes!

Greetings star family we are offering an in depth course on ascension mechanics, bio-feedback and re-connection. You will learn my processes of Leptokinetic Healing® and HigherSelf Integration®. 

-You will learn to read the bodies subtle responses during bio-electromagnetic stimulation sessions. 

-I will teach you what works to peal back the energetic layers for a deeper healing session with my next level energy manipulation techniques that I call Leptokinetic Healing®. 

-You will develop the tools needed to assist your clients in their ascension process of re-connection to higher-self in a process I call HigherSelf Integration®. 

email humangridactivation@gmail.com to get access.


Be sure to check out our documented energy healing procedures and e-books.

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FAQ What Service Do I Choose

For our first time patients I always recommend the energetic analysis. This way we can explore your energetic system and dormant channels. We can identify energetic blockages and miscommunication on a cellular level. The analysis allows us to formulate the direction of future procedures and where we wish to concentrate our focus. Sometimes that is the lower-self healing platform other times it is the higherself integration (tm) process, or maybe even a bit of both.  <3 XD

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