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    Our goal is to create sovereign free beings. And assist with the natural ascension process. As consciousness continues to expand. We are met more and more with the need develop a relationship with self.

    We here at MICROGRIDACTIVATION specialize in creating an electrically excitable environment. An electrically excitable environment inside the human vessel. This electrical excitability plays a key role in electrochemical communication. Electrochemical communication is the way the body gives our cells instructions. Which of course is how we prevent dis-ease. When an electrically excitable environment is established. It usually manifests in twitching, muscle spasms and other internal sensations. Giving the patient a tangible experience. And lets us know we are creating new harmonically tuned crystalline patterns. Which promote organization on a molecular and cellular level.,

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    Jason V.

    The first time I booked a session with D'Oyen Fraser, I was recieving chiropractic care for a 30 year old back injury. The initial X rays taken by my chiropractor showed multiple issues, including a George's line that was significantly off in my spine. D'Oyen spent a lot of time woring on my spine during the session and it felt significantly better by the end of the session. Two weeks later, I had X rays taken at my chiropractor's office and they showed that my George's line was completely restored! I was told that it can take more than a year to restore a George's line that was in the shape mine was in and I had only been receiving chiropractic care for 6 months at the time! I can't recommend D'Oyen highly enough to anyone who is looking to work with a highly skilled and talented energy healer as my results speak for themselves!

    Elisa C.

    Amazing, thank yo,u, memories over 50 years that were locked became available, relived and enjoyed. I had a chance to thank so many of those who have walked with me since birth, a tear or two rolled down as memories were so vivid. Blessings.

    Nallely C.

    Thank you so  much for the session D'oyen. By the morning i felt a remarkable change on the topic worked on and quite a lighter body. Looking forward for the next session.

    Alexsandra R.

    So grateful for my session, thank you!
    D'oyen is a real gift to this world! Authentic, knowledgeable, a true expert in his discipline -super recommended! Gift yourself or someone you love a session- you and everyone around you will only benefit.

    Jacob A.

    An amazing experience <333 Absolutely loved it. I got the energetic analysis for 222$ and it was worth it. I could feel the effects afterwards and my girlfriend told me she could feel a change in me.Some time has passed since the session and I can say that it helped me get a better grip on some things and emotions. I can only recommend D'Oyen <333

    Amber E.

    I have sought multiple energy healers over the years and this one is by far the most effective. I decided to get the ascension package to take full advantage of the all fringe services that are offered. The positive effects have been long-lasting, as it has been 3 months since the last session. Money well spent for my health and healing. I highly recommend!

    FAQ What Service Do i choose

    For our first time patients I always recommend the energetic analysis. This way we can explore ones energetic system and dormant channels. As well as identify energetic blockages and mis communication on a cellular level. The analysis allows us to formulate the direction of future procedures and where we wish to concentrate our focus. Whether that is the lower self healing platform or higher-self integration process, or maybe even a bit of both.  <3 XD

    Tension Pattern Releasing

    Tension patterns create resistance within the energetic system. This patients 4 initial treatments were still. There was no observable stimuli. There was alot of tension to be broken up in the shoulder area. This created a blockage in the nadis. After breaking this up it released the tension pattern which cleared the nadis. Then during this session we were able to complete the energy circuit within her system. From here on out we were then able to receive direct assistance from their higherself.

    stress/anxiety Release

    When we do not release our stress in a constructive way. It becomes stored in the body. Manifesting as tension, inflammation and other forms of electro-chemical mis-communication. Often the key to releasing this from the body. Is through accessing limiting beliefs stored in the  solar plexus/mental body.

    Emotional Clearing

    Another remarkable documented film, where no observable stimuli was experienced for atleast 5 procedures. Once again through the faith and consistency of the individual. We were able to achieve amazing feats. Reaching deep levels of the subconscious. As well as access and reformat thier disruptive cellular information.

    Electro-Chemical Signaling Corrections

    It often takes making corrections. To our electro-magnetic transduction sequencing. To transduce is to convert one thing to another. Since the language of the nervous system is electric signals, each of the many types of receptor cells must convert, or transduce, its sensory input into electric signals. In order to be registered by the body.


    Re-ionization is the process of creating an electrically excitable environment through re-crystallizing electrically excitable ions. We do this in order to maintain a negative electrical charge within the human biology.

    seal removal

    Being born into earth matrix we inherit the energetic planetary mutations that were put in place, by the 'fallen races'. These energetic mutations/implantations  severely limit the amount of subtle frequency that the body is able to convert into harmonically tuned oscillations. And re-emphasize the natural human/planetary activation/ascension processes. 


    This is the end goal of my work. For one to be able to access their divine intelligence with no resistance. The films above serve as the blockages/obstructions. That create interference in regards to how we receive the guidance and instructions for our earthly mission. That is being transmitted from our higherself.

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